I tried to drink Supplement for cholesterol

I am also high cholesterol.
So I went to the clinic to see a doctor for it.

I was so nervous , Because I do not know when I will die for it.

After seeing Dr, He said It is no problem , But you have to decrease your cholesterol, or you may die someday.

I asked him how to decrease it, he said that I should do more excise and not to eat too much .

I taught I could not do that .
So I looked another way more simply
I knew about Supplement for cholesterol by this site (https://xn--tckel6cwe8eefl4m2707cml0b.com

As soon as I see I asked my friends to buy it.
After a few days ,,, I got it so I keep drinking it.

I am looking for to go to the Dr next time. hahahah

I will go to the party at Umeda on this weekend.

I am going to the party that I studied about my job.
Now my job is acupuncturist .

I mean I put some needles on patients body.
It cased big help for them , example good sleep avoid every pain and all of health.

we usually work at clinic or have own clinic.
I am Really looking for to see them who I studied with.

we will go to the Italian restaurant !!

I want to get lose my weight so easily.

I got a health examination last year.

It was bad for me .
My blood glucose level was higher than the year before last year.

So I asked my Dr that what should I do?
Then he said that you have to lose your weight by exercise.

But I do not like moving my body.

So I looked up the way to lose my weight .

I could look up this site


According to the site, the lady got lost her weight only she drink a special coffee.
I was so surprised and had a interesting.

So I live in Osaka Japan, I asked my Japanese friend to buy it .
Now I’m trying to drink it every day.

After 2months,,,

Incredible ,I got lost finally.

Stopping Windows Messenger from signing in automatically

Sick of Windows Messenger from signing into your MSN account automatically? This is how you can remove it from saving the username and password.

Click on Start

Click on Control Panel

Click on User Accounts

Select the User Account that messenger signs in on.

Select Manage my Network Passwords under Related Tasks near the Home Button.

The Stored User Names and Passwords dialog window will pop up.

Select your MSN account such as “yourname@hotmail.com [Passport]” and choose Remove then Ok in the confirmation dialog.

Click Close and you are done.

Repairing Windows XP Installation ID Problem

After a repair of Windows I went to activate it. The last digits of the installation ID was only: 04

First boot into safe mode

Turn the computer on or restart
The POST screen will display which is usually white text outlining what is in the computer.
Start tapping F8 (If a Keyboard error occurs restart the computer and don’t tap it so fast)
A menu will appear listing Safe Mode as one of its options; navigate to it using the Keyboard Arrows and press Enter to select it.

Now open My Computer
Go to Local Disk (C:)
Go to Windows

Now the folder we need is hidden so go to Tools; Folder Options; View and Select Show Hidden Files and Folders. Select Apply and Ok.

Now go to the INF folder.

Find the oobe.inf file
Then Right Click it & Choose Install

You may need the Windows XP CD depending on what programs were copied over.

Once it has copied all the files it will then go back to the folder. Restart the computer & attempt the reactivation.

Crysis Demo Windows XP DirectX 10 Effects

Its possible to enable Direct 10 effects in Windows XP for Crysis. I have only tested this on the single player demo and it was worked really well.

“The difference between ‘high’ settings and the tweaked settings is immense: shadows are deeper, more realistic; the leaves have better reflective properties, better textures; the colours are better; and the level of detail is simply stunning.”

To do this all you need to do is:

Tweak the configuration files in \CVarGroups\ (usually located C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Game\Config\CVarGroups)by copying and pasting the ‘very high’ settings (1st paragraph) IN PLACE of the ‘high’ settings (last paragraph) the game will load the highest possible settings even though the drop-down menus display ‘high.’”

Then when you load the game go into Settings; System and select High to choose the new video settings.

I have included a link to my patched files in case you have trouble; copying and pasting them over yours (making a backup of yours first of course) should in theory work but I have not tested this yet.

Download my DirectX 10 Windows XP Crysis files

Health Problems Related to the Geek Lifestyle

I just found this post and thought you guys might be interested in reading it.

technology-focused population. He believe the “geek lifestyle” is associated with several common medical issues. Continue reading for his opinions and experiences…

Health Problems related to the Geek Lifestyle

Initial – The Band that Ended Music

Initial – The Band that Ended Music, then restarted it again straight away.

This New Zealand band has some groovy music and videos out; currently developing an album they have several demo tracks for download as well as several videos including my favorite Lousy Hero. This band has currently practices and records at The Rock Factory.

The music is quite groovy and I highly recommend you all check them out and register on their forums and check out their calender for upcoming events.

Windows 2000 not showing shortcut icons

For some reason a Windows 2000 machine I was using lost all its shortcut icons; the shortcuts worked but the icons were not working this happened even for My Computer & My Documents along with several over installed applications.

To fix this all I did was press F5 to refresh the desktop shortcut cache.

Removing Hijacked Entries using Hijack This in Windows Vista

Running Hijack This on Windows Vista is a pain with Vista protecting itself too often and too hard that you can’t even use Hijack This to remove bad entries.

What Hijack This needs is to be run as Administrator; to do this download Hijack This 2.0 from “here”

Right click the Hijack This file and choose “Run as Administrator” and just follow the prompt to use Hijack This will full Administrator privilages and you should be now able to remove objects without any trouble.