Stopping Blank Internet Explorer page from popping up in Windows Vista

A customers computer came in today with a blank internet explorer page popping up even when Internet Explorer wasn’t open in Windows Vista; even after running an updated Spybot Search and Destroy and Adaware 2007 and Hijack This the problem still remained. After googling the problem I was able to find the source of the mysterious blank page.

It was Magnetic; part of Incredimail that was causing the problem. I stopped Magnetic from starting at startup using MSConfig.

Click the orb and in the “Start Search” box type in: msconfig and press Enter.
When the System Configuration box pops up navigate to the Startup tab. Now it will display a list of applications starting when you turn on the computer; find Magnetic in that list and deselect the checkbox. Click Apply and Ok.
Now restart the computer and Magnetic will not start up anymore and you can still use Incredimail without any problems.

Javascript not working in Internet Explorer 7?

After upgrading Internet Explorer from version 6.1 to 7 using the Windows Update service; Javascript stopped working on all pages and on IE7’s About dialog (accessible through the top menu “Help; About Internet Explorer) it wouldn’t display the version number. After several removals and reinstalled the problem still existed even when rolled back to Internet Explorer 6.

It seems the problem was with Microsofts Windows Scripting components; after updating to the latest update everything worked without any problems.

You can download the latest Windows Scripting Update “here

Hope this helps someone.

Overheated Laptop

A customer brought their computer in today; they had laptop problems, the computer had overheated… alot!

Spending 5 minutes on the phone the customer sat their laptop down on the stove element not realizing that the element was on.

As you can see from images I have supplied below the element scarred the bottom of the laptop and the heat just was a massive wave that twisted and burnt the chasis.

The heat destroyed all components and we were only able to recover half of his data before the hardrive failed as well.

The ship Event Horizon was a top secret

The ship Event Horizon was a top secret US experimental interstellar vessel that was attempting to bend the laws of physics by using a device called the Gravity Drive to create faster then light flight by using a dimensional gateway allowing it to jump from one place to another. The Event Horizon attempted the jump in the orbit around Neptune never to be seen again for another 7 years.

Dr Weir (the builder of the gravity drive) joined the crew of The Lewis & Clark into Neptune’s orbit to find out what had happened to the ship for those 7 years.

They discovered the ship with no gravity or life support, and when a problem with the Gravity Drive occurred, the Event Horizon and the Lewis & Clark get damaged. The crew is forced to find out what had happened and repair the ship within 20 hours. While the crew start seeing things and attacking each other, while Dr Weir tries to protect his creation.

For a 1997 film, the special effects are outstanding and it is the excellent movie for sci-fi horror fans to see.

Event Horizon IntroEvent Horizon 1Event Horizon 2
Nintendo DS Lite

World of Warcraft Photoshop Brushset version 1

World of Warcraft Photoshop Brushset version 1

WoW Brush Set Cover

To install this brush-set first download it and unzip it to your photoshops brush folder please make sure Photoshop isnt running first. Usually located “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes” you may need to change “\Adobe Photoshop CS3\” to your version of photoshop for example “\Adobe Photoshop CS2\”

Then start photoshop & start using these brushes.

– Download Brushset Here

This photoshop brush-set was made in CS3. I do not guarantee that it will work in the earlier versions. If it works fine and your running an earlier version please comment & leave a message I want to know what everyone thinks and if it works without any trouble.

Buy Vinyl Graphics; Stickers & Console Skins!

Recently I have become an official Affiliate of DecalGirl; an online Vinyl store. Which sells Vinyl skins for Laptops; ipods and gaming consoles.

I tried it out and got a flame vinyl skin for my Nintendo Wii console to make it look good and help protect it; click “here” if you want to see pictures of it.

If you buy something through their site by going through mine first I will get a couple of cents a sale.

This is for everyone wanting to login automatically

This is for everyone wanting to login automatically into their Ubuntu machine.

(Not the most secure protection but some people would rather have accessibility then security)

Open up a Terminal

Type in:

nano sudo /etc/gdm/gdm.conf

In gdm.conf look for:



Change these to:



Then restart GDM by using the following command. It should now login automatically.

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

To disable it simply change it back to false & nothing as the username.

iPhone Skins from DecalGirl!
No response, Jul 16, 2007

Zune; Wii; Xbox 360; Xbox; PSP and all new iphone skins.

Online resources to help validate your CSS/HTML

For those that need help trying to validate your webpages to valid CSS/HTML that all standard browsers will support. Here is a small list of great resources.

World Wide Web Consortium: these people are the granddaddy of web standards & offer many great tools to help you validate your webpages. Such the CSS Validator which scans your CSS code and gives you an idea of any errors that may be present.

Web Page Analyzer: This service scans your webpage and gives you a report on the speed the page takes to load and tells you whether or not it is suitable and what it recomends you change to keep your website at an excellent speed.

CleanCSS: This website offers you a quick way to slim your CSS Stylesheet down in file size, just past your CSS into the box. Select which options you want to change and click Process CSS.

Firefox saves files as .BIN

Lately I have been saving setup files (executables) to my computer and Firefox in Ubuntu have been renaming the extension to .BIN

The easiest way to get them to work; is by renaming the file and changing .BIN to .EXE and it will work; as nothing seems to be wrong with the file itself.

Revealing Windows 98/ME/2000 Outlook Express Email Password

Download the snitch.exe using the link above.

1.Open Outlook Express
2.Click Tools. Accounts
3.Go to the Mail tab and choose your mail account
4.Click Properties
5.Click the Servers Tab
6.Open snitch.exe and click in the center of the application and drag
into the Outlook Express password box.