How to burn a Data CD using Nero 6

First, Open up Nero Startsmart (Usually icon is in Quicklaunch Bar)

Make sure that CD is selected in the top right (Or DVD if you are burning a Data DVD) then select the Data Icon (Which looks like a page with the top right folded)

Select Make Data Disc

Once the Disc Content window appears, you can either drag the files you want to burn into a CD/DVD or you can click “Add” and select the files manually. Remember to select “Add” for each file you want to add to a CD/DVD. Once you have selected all the files you want to burn to a CD click Finish.

Then select the Next button on the lower right.

On the Final Burn Settings window, make sure that the Current Recorder is set to your CD/DVD burner. This is now your chance to name your CD. If you want to add files to the disc later, then make sure that the Allow Files to be added later (Multisession Disc).

Once you have finished, then make sure a blank CD/DVD is in your CD/DVD burner, and click Burn it will now start burning your data CD.


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