How to Install and Switch Winamp Music Player Skins

Ever found a great Winamp Skin, But you did not know how to install it? This tutorial will explain how.
Some great winamp skins are located here:
To install Winamp Skins:
1. Find the skin you want; click Download.
2. Save it to your computer.
3. Once its saved; simply double-click the skin file.
4. It should ask you “Are you sure you want to install this Winamp skin?” Click Yes.
5. It should install the skin and automaticlly switch to it.
If it wont open in Winamp; Right click the skin and click Open With..; if Winamp is not in the list; then Browse for it; Winamp is usually located in: C:\Program Files\Winamp. Select winamp.exe and click Open; it will then install the skin.
Switch to another skin:
1. Open Winamp
2. Right click Winamp or the Playlist editor edge; so your not clicking on any songs; a menu should come up.
3. Look down till you find Options, left click it and Choose Skin Browser.
4. It will list any installed skins and you can double click the skin you want to change winamp to the new skin.


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