Repairing Windows XP Installation ID Problem

After a repair of Windows I went to activate it. The last digits of the installation ID was only: 04

First boot into safe mode

Turn the computer on or restart
The POST screen will display which is usually white text outlining what is in the computer.
Start tapping F8 (If a Keyboard error occurs restart the computer and don’t tap it so fast)
A menu will appear listing Safe Mode as one of its options; navigate to it using the Keyboard Arrows and press Enter to select it.

Now open My Computer
Go to Local Disk (C:)
Go to Windows

Now the folder we need is hidden so go to Tools; Folder Options; View and Select Show Hidden Files and Folders. Select Apply and Ok.

Now go to the INF folder.

Find the oobe.inf file
Then Right Click it & Choose Install

You may need the Windows XP CD depending on what programs were copied over.

Once it has copied all the files it will then go back to the folder. Restart the computer & attempt the reactivation.


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