Stopping Blank Internet Explorer page from popping up in Windows Vista

A customers computer came in today with a blank internet explorer page popping up even when Internet Explorer wasn’t open in Windows Vista; even after running an updated Spybot Search and Destroy and Adaware 2007 and Hijack This the problem still remained. After googling the problem I was able to find the source of the mysterious blank page.

It was Magnetic; part of Incredimail that was causing the problem. I stopped Magnetic from starting at startup using MSConfig.

Click the orb and in the “Start Search” box type in: msconfig and press Enter.
When the System Configuration box pops up navigate to the Startup tab. Now it will display a list of applications starting when you turn on the computer; find Magnetic in that list and deselect the checkbox. Click Apply and Ok.
Now restart the computer and Magnetic will not start up anymore and you can still use Incredimail without any problems.


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