The ship Event Horizon was a top secret

The ship Event Horizon was a top secret US experimental interstellar vessel that was attempting to bend the laws of physics by using a device called the Gravity Drive to create faster then light flight by using a dimensional gateway allowing it to jump from one place to another. The Event Horizon attempted the jump in the orbit around Neptune never to be seen again for another 7 years.

Dr Weir (the builder of the gravity drive) joined the crew of The Lewis & Clark into Neptune’s orbit to find out what had happened to the ship for those 7 years.

They discovered the ship with no gravity or life support, and when a problem with the Gravity Drive occurred, the Event Horizon and the Lewis & Clark get damaged. The crew is forced to find out what had happened and repair the ship within 20 hours. While the crew start seeing things and attacking each other, while Dr Weir tries to protect his creation.

For a 1997 film, the special effects are outstanding and it is the excellent movie for sci-fi horror fans to see.

Event Horizon IntroEvent Horizon 1Event Horizon 2
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