Using Windows 98SE Backup Utility

To open the backup utility up:

Click Start, Programs, Assessories, System Tools, Backup

A welcome to Microsoft Backup dialog will display. Click Close

To begin backup:

In the What to Backup section, select what you want to backup (For example, your documents
which are in My Computer>C:>My Documents).

Now select Start, make sure you have backup media in your drive, such as a Floppy Disk

Select Yes, to save the job and name it anything you want, an example would be “Backup 1″

It will begin backing your data. Depending on the amount of data you have, will depend on how many Floppy Disks or other media you will need.

To begin restoring a backup:

Click Tools, Restore Wizard

Make sure File is selected and it points to where you saved the backup, such as: A:\MyBackup.qic which points to the floppy disk drive.

Select Next and choose the Backup you would like to restore the data from, select Ok.

Here you select the objects you would like to restore, such as your documents (My Computer>C:>My Documents)

Click Next

The Where to Restore dialog pops up, asking where you would like to restore your data, you can restore it to its orginal place, or restore it to another folder.

The How to Restore dialog, allows you to replace any files that you are restoring if they are already on your computer. Select your desired option and click Next

Make sure you have the required media that contains your backup in the drive and select Ok.

It will now restore your data.


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